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Here at Davies-Ball Plumbing and Heating we are able to provide a range of plumbing services.

From a leaking tap, burst pipes to fitting of Power Flushing systems and bathrooms we can help.


Having a brand-new bathroom, wet room or shower installed into your new home can be a massive project so finding a trustworthy and quality fitter to install your bathroom is essential.

Henry has years of expertise and quality service to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Working efficiently and effectively we can ensure there is minimal disruption to your schedule and we will look to make haing your new bathroom an enjoyable and stress free experience.

Our range of bathroom services includes:

  • Full installation and supply of a new bathroom.
  • Fitting of a bathroom that you have supplied.
  • General maintenance & repair of existing bathroom suites.
  • Installation of Wet Rooms and Showers

All work is project managed to ensure that all work is effectively and efficiently done, this ensures that you also have the highest quality installation.

We complete all of the necessary work, which includes removing your existing bathroom and plumbing, giving you a brand new and beautiful bathroom suite.

Upon completion, we will leave your home clean and tidy, leaving you with a stunning bathroom space.


Leaking taps can be much more than an annoyance, they can lead to further problems down the line that could damage your property.

Blockages of any kind can also cause deep rooted problems, we are fully experienced when it comes to removing blockages from sinks, toilets, slow draining baths, as well as any pipework and drain blockages.

We provide a quick and effective solution to these problems, as well as ensuring that they do not happen again. The long-term damage cause by these problems are normally eradicated and can be answered within hours of your telephone call.

Power Flushing

Power flushing is a popular method of cleaning a central heating system, the benefits of a clean heating system are enormous:

  • Ensures that there is more even heat distribution throughout your property
  • Improved overall energy savings
  • Lower household bills
  • Increased system reliability
  • Extended system life
  • The process itself is very simple; using water at a high velocity the heating system are forcibly cleaned. This method ensures there is no physical damage caused to the system.

For more information or to book your Power Flushing contact us today on 07525 932571.